Waukegan Harbor House

[Meet The Fleet]

The Captains of Waukegan Harbor House are all professionals with many years of experience fishing on Lake Michigan.

Their boats are equipped with modern state-of-the-art electronics and the newest, most productive tackle available for finding and catching that trophy fish.

Waukegan Harbor House

[Meet The Captains]

For your convenience, we are providing the following list of our captains and the names of their boats.

Captain "Bubba" Bob Pawlick "Mitzi II"

Captain Ron Mihevc "Bon-Shell"

Captain Tim Carpentier "Seamates"

Captain Tom Wisniewski "The Charlie"

Captain Burt Atkinson "Donna G"

Captain Les Wood "D-Bait-Or"

Captain Mike Dolinar "Go For It"

Captain Bob Jenkins "Challenger"

Captain Augie Ralph "Fishfood"